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Issue 02/2019Download PDF
Helena DyndováThe Reflection of Carlos Castaneda and His Work in the Milieu of Contemporary Czech Shamanism
Matyáš MüllerHealing by Fiction: Carlos Castaneda in the Context of Neo-Shamanism and Psychotherapy
Alex NashThe Akashic Records: Origins and Relation to Western Concepts
Oleg KyselovSoviet Atheism as a Science, a Worldview, and a Social Discipline (review)
Issue  01/2019Download PDF
Tatiana Zachar Podolinská, Miroslav Tížik, Juraj MajoReligiosity in Slovakia: Structure, Dynamics, and Spatial Diversification
Dariusz WadowskiReligion and Religiosity in Contemporary Poland
Helena DyndováThe Maya Religion (review)
Jitka SchlichtsováReligion and Education: The Czech Situation (Review)
Issue 2/2018Download PDF
Zuzana KostićováReligion, Spirituality, Worldviews, and Discourses: Revisiting the Term "Spirituality" as opposed to "Religion"
David Václavík, Dana Hamplová, Zdeněk NešporReligious Situation in Contemporary Czech Society
Zdeněk VojtíšekYoga, Tantrism, and Persecution: MISA, a New Religious Movement in Social Conflict
Zuzana KostićováFrom Repression to Aggression: New Religious Movements and Violence (Review)
Issue 1/2018Download PDF
Anna PokornáEschatological aspects of the Twelve Tribes' Teachings: A Theological Perspective
Jitka SchlichtsováBefore and After of the Gurukula Phenomenon
Bronislav OstřanskýA Feeble Folk to whom No Concern is Accorded: "Apocalyptic Responses" to ISIS and their Contextualization
Barbara Oudová HolcátováIn the Shadow of Islam (Review)
Issue  02/2017Download PDF
Zdeněk VojtíšekThe Role of the Apostates in the Twelve Tribes Conflict in Germany
Miloš MrázekThe Word "Islamophobia" As a Terminus Technicus of Social Sciences?
Markéta RůžičkováReligious Belief of the Czech Population in the 1921-2011 Censuses
Miloš HubinaAdvertising and methodology: What advertising has to
teach us about (the study of) Thai Buddhism (part two)
Zuzana KostićováAbout a Boy Club Movement, Implicit Religion and a Local Czech and Slovak Transmedia Phenomenon
Issue  01/2017Download PDF
Pavel HošekEditorial 01/2017
Tereza HalasováDevelopment of the Faith Movement in Czech Republic
Jindřich VeselýDane Rudhyar's concept of transpersonal life
Miloš HubinaAdvertising and methodology: What advertising has to
teach us about (the study of) Thai Buddhism
Pavel HošekReview: The Encyclopaedia of little Christian Churches in Czech Republic