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Issue 02/2020Download PDF
Zdeněk R. NešporEditorial: Thematic Issue on the Religion of the Czech Underground under Communism
Aleš OpekarCzech Underground from the Musical Historical Point of View
Zdeněk R. NešporReligion in the Lyrics of the Czech Underground
Monika SoukupováBetween the Scylla of Bowing to the Regime and the Charybdis of Frontline Clash: Evangelicals and the Underground in Czechoslovakia during Normalization
Ondřej HavelkaOn Blasphemy (review)
Issue 01/2020Download PDF
Zdeněk VojtíšekReligious Revival of Vietnamese Buddhists
in the Czech Republic: A Possible Example
of Post-Secular Tendencies in an Immigrant
Jiří KotheraBioshock: Infinite as the Mirror of America?
Alex NashZuism: History and Introduction
Jan A. KozákA Minister of the Secret Fire: Pavel Hošek's Take on J. R. R. Tolkien
Issue 02/2019Download PDF
Helena DyndováThe Reflection of Carlos Castaneda and His Work in the Milieu of Contemporary Czech Shamanism
Matyáš MüllerHealing by Fiction: Carlos Castaneda in the Context of Neo-Shamanism and Psychotherapy
Alex NashThe Akashic Records: Origins and Relation to Western Concepts
Oleg KyselovSoviet Atheism as a Science, a Worldview, and a Social Discipline (review)
Issue  01/2019Download PDF
Tatiana Zachar Podolinská, Miroslav Tížik, Juraj MajoReligiosity in Slovakia: Structure, Dynamics, and Spatial Diversification
Dariusz WadowskiReligion and Religiosity in Contemporary Poland
Helena DyndováThe Maya Religion (review)
Jitka SchlichtsováReligion and Education: The Czech Situation (Review)
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Issue 2/2018Download PDF
Zuzana KostićováReligion, Spirituality, Worldviews, and Discourses: Revisiting the Term "Spirituality" as opposed to "Religion"
David Václavík, Dana Hamplová, Zdeněk NešporReligious Situation in Contemporary Czech Society
Zdeněk VojtíšekYoga, Tantrism, and Persecution: MISA, a New Religious Movement in Social Conflict
Zuzana KostićováFrom Repression to Aggression: New Religious Movements and Violence (Review)
Issue 1/2018Download PDF
Anna PokornáEschatological aspects of the Twelve Tribes' Teachings: A Theological Perspective
Jitka SchlichtsováBefore and After of the Gurukula Phenomenon
Bronislav OstřanskýA Feeble Folk to whom No Concern is Accorded: "Apocalyptic Responses" to ISIS and their Contextualization
Barbara Oudová HolcátováIn the Shadow of Islam (Review)
Issue  02/2017Download PDF
Zdeněk VojtíšekThe Role of the Apostates in the Twelve Tribes Conflict in Germany
Miloš MrázekThe Word "Islamophobia" As a Terminus Technicus of Social Sciences?
Markéta RůžičkováReligious Belief of the Czech Population in the 1921-2011 Censuses
Miloš HubinaAdvertising and methodology: What advertising has to
teach us about (the study of) Thai Buddhism (part two)
Zuzana KostićováAbout a Boy Club Movement, Implicit Religion and a Local Czech and Slovak Transmedia Phenomenon
Issue  01/2017Download PDF
Pavel HošekEditorial 01/2017
Tereza HalasováDevelopment of the Faith Movement in Czech Republic
Jindřich VeselýDane Rudhyar's concept of transpersonal life
Miloš HubinaAdvertising and methodology: What advertising has to
teach us about (the study of) Thai Buddhism
Pavel HošekReview: The Encyclopaedia of little Christian Churches in Czech Republic