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Helena Dyndová 

The Reflection of Carlos Castaneda and His Work in the Milieu of Contemporary Czech Shamanism

Helena Dyndová, "The Reflection of Carlos Castaneda and His Work in the Milieu of Contemporary Czech Shamanism", Central European Journal of Contemporary Religion 3 (2, 2019): p. 75-90.

The article deals with the analysis of Carlos Castaneda’s legacy in the contemporary Czech shamanic milieu, with his literary successors, and with continuity of his teachings explained in famous decalogy about shaman–sorcerer don Juan. The first part is dedicated to the zeitgeist of Castaneda’s writings, focusing on Mircea Eliade’s and Michael Harner’s influence. The second part analyses more narrowly the reflection on Castaneda’s personality and work from the current shamanic point of view. The following part introduces Castaneda’s literary impact within the specific Czech context and discusses his more successful followers. The last part compares the message of Castaneda’s work and current Czech shamans’ teachings considering the similarities and differences, namely the relationship with nature and with spiritual allies, following with shaman’s image, purpose, and responsibility. The article concludes that despite respecting Castaneda’s importance in the history of shamanic revival, the contemporary Czech shamans share little with the original Castaneda’s teachings.

DOI: 10.14712/25704893.2020.1

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