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Miloš Mrázek

The Word "Islamophobia" As a Terminus Technicus of Social Sciences?

Miloš Mrázek, "The Word 'Islamophobia' As a Terminus Technicus of Social Sciences?", Central European Journal of Contemporary Religion 2 (2, 2017): p. 19-28.

The topic of this article is the appropriateness of usage of the popular term “islamophobia” in the vocabulary of social sciences. It deals with the difference between particular academical discourses (philosophy, theology, religious studies) and especially between the academical discourse in general and ideological language. After a summary of the history of the term, its current usage is analyzed, which leads to the conclusion that social scientists should not look for a precise definition, since the term itself and its usage is part of the reality (political activism, ideology), which should be a subject of unbiased study.

DOI: 10.14712/25704893.2017.8

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