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Pavel Hošek, "Editorial", Central European Journal of Contemporary Religion 1 (1, 2017): p. 1.  

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Dear reader,

I am delighted to present the first issue of the Central European Journal for Contemporary Religion (CEJCR), a new Czech academic periodical dedicated to current religion and spirituality as well as to contemporary theoretical scholarly discussion of related topics. Although there is no shortage of academic journals dedicated to the topics of Comparative Religion and History of Religion in our country, none of them is specifically focused on contemporary religious life and related issues, and we felt that a new scholarly journal that would address such topics is much needed. CEJCR’s intent is to fill this void.

The Journal is issued semi-annually both in print and fully online (open access). We have decided to publish all texts in English in order to make Czech research available to our colleagues all over the world – and also to invite scholars from other countries to publish the results of their work in our periodical in the future. The Journal is issued under the auspices of the Hussite Theological Faculty of Charles University; the members of the editorial board are Czech Comparative Religions scholars from various Czech universities and academic institutions.

We hope you enjoy the first issue and, if you have any suggestions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us on cejcr@htf.cuni.cz.


prof. Pavel Hošek, Th.D.

Editor in Chief